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Our story

At Values Based Leadership we are what we say.  We develop inspirational leaders, whilst staying true to values. Yours and ours.

Let's tell you a little more


Values Based Leadership (VBL) was founded in November 2000, its founders having previously worked elsewhere developing highly successful leadership development programmes for senior leaders.


VBL was founded on the principles of developing a rich understanding of the values and culture of organisations we worked with to create customisable, structured leadership programmes, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  An approach we still hold true today. 


In 2001 as a qualified coach, Karen began undertaking associate coaching work for Values Based Leadership, to supplement the leadership programmes being delivered and help individuals within the organisations we were working with to develop and further their leadership skills.

By 2005 leadership training and coaching were really taking off, with Karen undertaking more work than ever for Values Based Leadership.  This was an opportune time for Karen's own business to merge with VBL. Karen then established the Coaching Centre of Excellence and also went on to learn about the design and delivery of leadership programmes.

The company has gone from strength to strength, working internationally to develop inspirational leaders across cultures and borders.  Our clients are extremely important to us, and we are driven by always doing the right thing in the right way. We are the product of our values.

In 2023 we embark upon a new era with Jonathan and Michael joining Karen, forging the path of our long term future.  We will work together continue to deliver Executive Business Coaching and Team Leadership Development supporting existing clients and welcoming new, bringing greater scope, experience and energy as we expand the reach of our coaching.  

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