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These goals have always been part of our DNA. Our
target is to have one million
customers by
and we’re doing well so far. This year we won
10 out of the 12 uSwitch Customer Satisfaction
awards including Supplier of the Year. It’s incredibly
humbling to know that our customers are voting for
us and we just want them all to know how much we
appreciate it. We’ve also just been awarded 3* status
from Best Companies. The ratings are a bit like the
Michelin star ratings for restaurants so to be
awarded three stars is an incredible achievement for
a six year old business.
You have some very clear values around trust,
fairness and leading by example. How are you
bringing these values to life in OVO?
We live and breathe our values here at OVO.
We want
OVO to be a place where people act the same at work
as they do at home. We’ve developed a rich culture
to play in OVO’s evolution. We help
our values to live in a number of
ways. We’ve named our meeting
rooms after our ‘value hero’s’ for
example. So we have the Isambard
Kingdom Brunel Room, he represents
our ‘we find a way’ value. We’ve also
recently moved offices in Bristol and
spent a lot of time designing the new
building to make it an inspiring place to work. The
best part about OVO however is the people. From the
word go, we recruit the right people with values like
ours. It’s much easier to live and breathe values if you
fundamentally believe in them yourself.
And how does your new senior team help you
bring these values to life?
We’re not your typical energy company – we’re a
retailer first, a tech business second and at a distant
third a utility. Most of all however, we’re all a team at
OVO and we all help bring our values to life. I don’t
think values can be delivered effectively from a top
down approach. Our values are part of our DNA and
we all live and breathe them every day it doesn’t
matter if you’re the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or a
CSA (Customer Service Advisor), you still have the
same role to play when it comes to our values.
What do you see as your main leadership
challenges for the future?
We grew by 200% last year, went from 300
employees to over 700 and moved offices twice. We
also went to market with our first ever advertising
campaign (feel loved again), launched OVO
Communities as well as our new Pay as you Go
business so it’s fair to say that 2014 was full of
g challenges. With regard to our main
challenges for the future, that will always be making
sure we do everything we can for our customers,
offering the best prices and service we can at all
Book Review
What got you here wont get you there.
How successful people become even
more successful!
By Marshall Goldsmith
In this book, Goldsmith - one of the most sought af-
ter and respected Executive Coaches in the world -
presents a very effective, straightforward approach
to behavioural change.
The idea the book presents is that there are twenty
‘Habits’ or behaviours which most leaders regularly
demonstrate one or more of, that could be restrict-
ing their success. Goldsmith suggests that, ‘perhaps
one small flaw - a behaviour you
barely even recognise - is the on-
ly thing that's keeping you from
where you want to be’.
From the outset there are case
studies which demonstrate evi-
dence of theses ‘Habits’ and offer
advice for how they can be ad-
dressed through behavioural
change. The case studies he details are witty, relata-
ble and put the reader at ease by showing that even
the most successful people make mistakes. In total,
Goldsmith refers to twenty ‘Habits’ which results in
there being at least one that everyone can connect
to, no matter what level of management or leader-
ship they currently find themselves in. I particularly
enjoyed the case studies because they are conversa-
tional in tone and pleasantly jargon-less.
I would recommend this book for any leader who is
committed to continuous improvement and who
wishes to reach an even higher level of success.
Reviewed by Stephanie Small
Values Based Leadership
Publisher: Profile Books
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