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Issue 26
September 2015
You started OVO in 2009. What was it like to be
your own boss and lead your own company back
It was exciting, it’s still is exciting. OVO started with
just five of us sitting around a kitchen table in a barn
in the Cotswolds. We had just three years’ experience
in the energy industry between us. We all believed that
OVO could make a difference. Energy customers were
getting a pretty raw deal at that time with
substandard service and price hike, after price hike.
We created OVO to try and change all that. It’s been
such a great experience and I’m lucky enough to work
with some incredibly talented people.
What has changed for you in the five since? Do you
lead in a different way?
OVO has grown a lot over that time. We’ve gone from
the five of us around one table to over 750 of us split
across our offices in London and Bristol. We’re still the
same company, on the same mission and we make sure
we always keep our customers at the heart of
everything we do. We’re incredibly proud that we
recently became the first ever energy supplier to be
awarded the Which? Recommended Provider status.
We wanted to say a huge thank you to our customers
so put a little
together in true OVO style.
You have a strong vision for OVO based around a
target of one million customers, to be a top 10 UK
employer and have a Net Promoter Score of +40.
How did you go about bringing this vision to life
for your employees?
Interview with Stephen Fitzpatrick
Stephen Fitzpatrick CEO of OVO Energy is
interviewed about his vision and values
Book Review -
What got you here won’t
get you there
What got you here won’t get
you there
Inspiring Women
Graham Smith, Assistant Coach of
England’s World Cup Rugby Cup winning
side, and Karen Frost, share their
knowledge and experiences of leading and
managing women
Book Review -
The Hidden Leader:
Discover and develop greatness within
your company
Inge Heinsius reviews Scott K.Edinger and
Laurie Sain’s
The Hidden Leader: Discover
and develop greatness within your company
Our Favourite Videos
Our most recent favourite videos including
We Should All Be Feminists
Graham Tate discusses the importance of
values for leaders and how you can use
them to develop positive behaviours in
your organisation
Developing Inspirational Leaders
Interview with Stephen
Fitzpatrick—CEO of OVO Energy
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