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Book Review
ARC stands for Authentic, Responsible and
Courageous and in this book Richard Boston
explores these three key aspects of leadership in
a pragmatic and open way. Pragmatic because
there are lots of ideas for the reader to enable
them to develop these qualities in themselves
and incorporate them into
their daily lives.
Open because the book is
non-judgemental of us as
the reader and takes full
account of the challenges
we all have in being con-
sistent in these three quali-
He does this by reflecting
on his own experience as well as that of others
and the psychology of decision making that can
impact on all of us.
Richard’s book for me is humble and inspiring
but also realistic and endearing. I believe that it
brings something unique and refreshing to our
understanding of leadership and of ourselves.
By John Frost
Values Based Leadership
ARC Leadership
By Richard Boston
By David Webster
Managing Director Centre for Teams
References and a quote from the journal article:
Dirks, K.T. (1999) The effects of interpersonal trust on workgroup perfor-
mance. Journal of Applied Psychology. 84. 3. 445-455. “Most operational
definitions examine trust as a belief about whether a partner is dependa-
ble (e.g., McAllister, 1995), cares for your interests (e.g., Cook & Wall,
1980), is competent (e.g., Mishra, 1993), and/or will act with integrity
(e.g., Robinson, 1996)”
care – beyond just doing her job, and despite the
pressures in such an environment.
How might you build trust in a team, therefore?
From the example above, here are some ideas:
Describe in a clear way what you will do and when
you will do it by.
Be clear about what you will not do – this may be
more difficult but just as important.
Be realistic and ensure you can and do deliver –
this displays beyond doubt that you can be trust-
Share the skills and experiences you can bring,
and be honest about tasks you know or sense are
beyond you at that time.
Ask for help if you get stuck, even if you have
made a commitment to deliver alone. This shows
you care about the outcome, but also that you can
be a bit vulnerable; this disclosure encourages
others to do the same.
Share a little about yourself that displays what and
who you care about.
Think about the purpose you have in your work,
what is important to you about what you do. This
uncovers your values and intentions.
Share with your team members, what you see as
your role in the team and why it is important to
Avoid gossip or being roped into disclosing infor-
mation shared in confidence.
Care for your team colleagues
Proactively offer your support to your col-
leagues – and not just when you need something
directly in return. This carries with it an intrinsic
reward – it will make you feel better and others
will appreciate it.
A final word
Trust is something that is built over time, so pa-
tience is required if you are really keen on build-
ing lasting trust. Take the care that is needed and
your team will flourish.
Think about the purpose you have in
your work, what is important to you
about what you do. This uncovers
your values and intentions
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