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running Boards and leadership development to the
situation at the Primary School. Once there was an
agreement to run a review by the Chair of Gover-
nors, Karen’s next step was to meet all the gover-
nors to explain the current requirements of school
governance and how effective governance is de-
fined. She also ran a governor self-review, as part of
a full governor meeting, using a 20 minute tech-
nique and process she has developed for this sort of
review. This raised awareness and gave the gover-
nors a clear insight
into what was working
and more importantly,
what was not.
The next stage in the
process was to review
all aspects of governor
through minutes, re-
ports and national da-
ta for the school, to
review the current po-
sition, make observations and include recommenda-
tions for change in the final report.
Karen made additional visits to the school to talk to
staff and to meet governors to understand what was
possible and what may need to change. Her final
visit to the school was to present the governor re-
view report and to make the recommendations that
she felt were required to improve overall effective
governance. Once the findings and recommenda-
tions had been accepted, the governing body moved
quickly to implement the changes and Karen was
able to offer well tried and tested approaches that
the governors could adopt and adapt. Within two
terms they were well on track and ready for the im-
minent Ofsted inspection.
Ofsted came to the school again in July 2014. They
graded the school ‘good’ overall and they also found
leadership and management had improved to
‘good’. They commented ‘Governance has improved
significantly and governors
now play an effective role in
holding the school to ac-
count for the quality of edu-
cation it provides’.
In addition to the hard meas-
urement of an Ofsted inspec-
tion, governors also report-
ed that they had much more
confidence in the way they
behaved as a whole team
and have continued to devel-
op since the 2014 inspection.
Karen has stayed in contact with the Chair of Gover-
nors since the second inspection and continues to
offer advice and support so that the school gover-
nors can continue to develop their skills and hold
senior leaders to account.
The school detailed in this case study would be happy
to provide a reference to any school interested in or
requiring an external review of governance.
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Final Thoughts
“Fate is the hand of cards we’ve been dealt. Choice is how we play the hand.”
“Develop and empower others.
If you cannot be replaced, you cannot be promoted.”
- Robert F. Solomon Jr
“Win together, lose together, play together, stay together.”
Debra Mancuso
By Karen Frost
Director of Coaching Values Based Leadership
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