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Since 2013 Karen Frost, of Values Based Leadership,
has been accredited as a National Leader of Govern-
ance (NLG). She was able to apply to the National
College for Teaching and Leadership to gain the
qualification to become an NLG because she has
been Chair of Governors at a large high school for a
number of years and because the school is graded
outstanding for leadership and management. NLG’s
go through additional training to develop their skills
as school governor reviewers and this has resulted
in Karen undertaking a number of Governor Re-
views requested by Ofsted (Office for Standards in
Education, Children’s Services & Skills).
Karen recently worked with a rural Primary School
set in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside in
England. The school received a very challenging
Ofsted report following a full inspection in June
2013. Leadership and management were graded as
‘requires improvement’ and the report recommend-
ed that the school undertake a full review of govern-
ance because governance of the school was found to
be weak. The subsequent Section 8 visit in October
2013 identified that not enough progress had been
made by governors and again a governor review
was recommended.
In November 2013 the Executive Headteacher
asked Karen Frost to undertake a full review as part
of the Post Ofsted Action Plan. There was a clear
recognition that the existing practices of the govern-
ing body were not adequate for the current leader-
ship challenges and the on-going scrutiny of Ofsted.
There is a set format for how an NLG should facili-
tate a governor review, however, there are signifi-
cant differences between schools and the range of
challenges they face. So, although there were specif-
ic requirements included in the review and the sub-
sequent report, Karen was able to offer her exten-
sive knowledge and understanding of governance,
Case Study:
Book Review
The Extraordinary Coach: How the
best leaders help others grow.
By John H Zenger & Kathleen Stinnett
At the beginning of this century Daniel Goleman and
his team published their research on the different
styles of leadership that were required to make suc-
cessful leaders. The team at Harvard emphasised, on a
number of occasions, the importance of a coaching
style of leadership to support visionary leadership.
Their research showed that without the coaching style
as support, leaders were less successful.
So when I read this book it
underpinned all that a lead-
er needed to know about
being a leader as coach.
Zenger and Stinnett empha-
sise the value of coaching
inside the organisation and
then go on to offer all the
tools and techniques re-
quired to become a leader
as coach. Like Goleman,
they did their research and
found, through 360 feed-
back assessments, that the most effective leaders in
business were those that were excellent coaches. They
state that when you coach individuals to success, you
lead your entire organisation to success because
oaching helps individuals discover answers within
themselves and helps them feel more personally em-
powered. The coach is also dedicated to helping to en-
sure the implementation and long-term follow-
through of planned actions."
The book is packed with ideas, approaches and practi-
cal ways to develop your coaching style and there is
even advice for those leaders who struggle to identify
time for coaching. Each chapter also has a summary to
remind you what you have been learning.
I would highly recommend this book as an excellent
reference for those leaders who want to gain more
from the relationships they have with their team and
want to create more of a coaching culture where their
team’s individual skills can be effectively utilised.
Reviewed by Karen Frost
Values Based Leadership
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
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