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Key Outcomes
Overall the company identified that the
programme has achieved:
The development of personal skills and
behaviours that have noticeably improved
personal leadership impact.
Considerably improved team performance
based on significantly improved levels of
trust, respect and support amongst the team
A team of talented Asian leaders who have
the skills, behaviours and attitudes to
operate effectively in a global organisation.
A noticeable improvement in the confidence
of the team members to engage with,
challenge and influence their colleagues.
A Senior Operations Team in the Division
performance team and a role model to other
teams in the Division and across Rolls Royce.
Improved confidence in RRM to implement a
strategy of moving the manufacture of
products and new product development to
A stable team in a Chinese economy where
the competition for talent is fierce. Key
people have been retained even though they
have had attractive offers from other
"It is very important to have the
coaching session from the
facilitators, not only during the
course but also after the
session….which provides trainees
more opportunities to be open to
self/and others, refresh what he/she
learned from the session, and
correct or improve themselves
through the real life. And with the
initiated trust created from the
session, it extended to post-session
for further discussion how we can
improve further as one team."
Steven Huang - Operations VP
Book Review
This book is co-authored by Ben Hunt-Davis - a
member of the British rowing team who won a Gold
Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney -
and Harriet Beveridge, a Leadership Consultant.
The book focusses on a simple idea but one that in-
formed the team as they prepared for and ultimately
achieved their goal of winning Olympic gold. In ex-
ploring how to achieve their
goal in terms of behaviours, be-
liefs and attitudes they con-
stantly asked themselves this
question – ‘will it make the boat
go faster?’ If the answer was
no, they chose not to behave
that way or chose to change
their belief and attitude.
The eleven chapters of the book
are divided into specific epi-
sodes in the crew’s journey recounted by Ben and
then analysis from Harriet in which she gives some
practical thoughts on how to apply the lessons that
the team learned to our everyday business and life
The power of the book is its simplicity. I really like
that fact that Ben and Harriet have not tried to cre-
ate a complex new model of team performance.
They are simply sharing ‘the key points that made
the biggest difference’ for the team. This is a good
read and a useful reminder that, in a world of ever
greater complexity, simple ideas implemented con-
sistently will often make the biggest difference.
By John Frost
Values Based Leadership
Publisher: Matador
Will it Make the Boat Go Faster?
By Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet
By John Frost
Managing Director Values Based Leadership
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