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Issue 28
January 2016
Rolls-Royce Marine (RRM) has a world leading
position in the design, development, supply and
support of products and systems to commercial and
naval customers worldwide and has significant
manufacturing assets in Asia. Piet Daenen, VP of
Operations for RRM in Asia, identified the
development of his Senior Operations Team in
Shanghai as a key element in delivering strategic
change and growth in Asia. Piet is passionate about
the development of leadership capabilities in China
and he asked Values Based Leadership (VBL) to
design and deliver a team coaching development
programme for the team.
Some of the key outcomes that were identified for
the programme were:
To develop personal leadership impact and
Team Coaching for Rolls Royce
Marine in China
John Frost examines a recent team
Values Based Leadership delivered for
the Rolls Royce Marine Team
Book Review
John Frost reviews
Will it Make the Boat
Go Faster?
By Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet
Battling for Success
Karen Frost and Graham Smith explore
how to create an environment where
women can develop an emotional
connection to a team to perform at their
Our Favourite Videos
Our most recent favourite videos
Building your Inner Coach
Book Review
Karen Frost
The Extraordinary
Coach: How the best leaders help others
By John H Zenger & Kathleen Stinnett
Case Study: Governor Reviews
Karen Frost discusses a governor review
completed with a local rural primary
Developing Inspirational Leaders
Team Coaching for Rolls Royce
Marine in China
By taking this approach we were
able to ensure that as each Module
took place, it was designed to be
tailored to the exact and changing
needs of the team while at the same
time also being focussed on
delivering the overall objectives of
the programme.”
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