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By Allon Shevat
We work in an increasingly global business
context. Here is an opportunity to assess your
global mindset:
Do you believe that discussing contentious is-
sues openly in a group setting can generally
help resolve issues within very diverse teams
in a global organisation?
Do you believe that interdisciplinary teamwork
is seen universally as a positive attribute of or-
ganisational behavior in all cultures?
Do you believe that time, as a resource, should
be universally valued?
Do you believe that being authentic with your
emotions is generally considered a healthy
thing in the work place?
Do you believe that some degree of participa-
tory decision making is something folks all over
the world subscribe to as desirable in organisa-
Do you believe most people in the world want
their managers to delegate authority?
Do most people agree that most people believe
that telling your boss what he wants to hear,
and not the truth, constitutes a lie?
Is transparency valued in most cultures?
Can a well-defined corporate culture bridge all
cultural differences?
Are the terms “trust“ and “respect“ universal
enough to serve as a bridge for the inevitable
challenges of global organisa-
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Global Mindset Ques-
tions on the back page
Global Mindset
Book Review
Joris Merks-Benjarminsen’s book has been designed to
help ‘digital thinkers’ use their talents to build great ca-
reers by helping companies and organisations to be fu-
ture-ready. ‘Digital thinkers’ are those of us who grew up
with computers, often referred to as ‘Generation Y’. We
are defined as being born between 1980 and 2000 and
have generally entered the world of work since the turn
of the century which is why we are often referred to as
In the book Joris references a quote
from a digital thinker who said…
‘I struggle to find a place for myself in a
world that doesn’t seem to be ready yet
for the expectations I have of the 21
Century. I hope I live in equal or better
wealth than my parents. But how? The
world in crisis, the baby boomers made
a mess of the world. The money is gone,
unemployment rising, two billion people
still living in poverty, new rules and laws emerging every-
where and we consume fifty percent more than mother
earth can offer us. How can I make a difference in this
This reflects Merks-Benjarminsen’s thoughts on the ten
mismatches that exist between how the world of work
operates now and how ‘Millennials’ think and are moti-
vated. This in turn can help both Generation Y’s and sen-
ior managers think about how they start to address the
talent gap. So, if you are really interested from a Genera-
tion Y perspective of understanding how you can make a
difference and better understand the world of work de-
signed by a non-digital thinker, then this book has some-
thing for you. Or, if as a non-digital thinker (i.e. in an old-
er generation and in a leadership role) you want some
thoughts about designing and adapting your environment
to be more of a match for the wealth of Generation Y tal-
ent out there, then there is also something for you in the
After reading
Think and Grow Digital
it was clear, for me,
that all generations have a paradigm shift to go through.
We all need to change our way of thinking if the talent
gap is to be properly addressed.
If you enjoy this book, I would recommend exploring
what else Joris has to say by visiting his
page and his
Reviewed by Stephanie Small
Values Based Leadership
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Think and Grow Digital – What the Net
Generation needs to know to Survive
and Thrive in Any Organisation
by Joris Merks-Benjarminsen