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The client we were asked to work with is a lead-
ing global manufacturer of electronic instru-
ments and electromechanical devices with an-
nualised sales of $3.4 billion.
The organisation has 13,300 col-
leagues working in more than 100
manufacturing facilities with over
100 sales and service centres
around the world. VBL works close-
ly with the Director of Human Re-
sources for - EMEA, Brazil, Russia &
India. We provide support and of-
fer leadership solutions for the
wide ranging needs of their people
located across half the globe. One of the leadership
solutions VBL provide the organisation is Executive
Coaching, especially when senior managers are new
in post or are managing an important or challeng-
ing aspect of the business.
The Solution
The Country Manager for India had been successful
in growing the business from its base in Bangalore.
The HR Director asked Values Based Leadership if
they would assign an Executive Coach to
the India Country Manager to support
them in developing their skills and raise
their awareness around working in a
global organisation. Specifically, the
Country Manager from India needed to
work closely with the German division of
the business and make regular presenta-
tions to the Executive Board in Pennsyl-
vania, USA. Although well-travelled and
an experienced manager, it was felt that
some very specific one-to-one coaching on cross
cultural awareness would refine and develop the
multicultural skills of the manager. An initial chem-
istry meeting set the objectives for coaching, fol-
lowed by six coaching sessions over an 8 month
period of time. A combination of face to face
(usually at a suitable location near
Heathrow airport) and video con-
ference sessions, supported with
emails and short telephone calls,
achieved. VBL also facilitated a
Culture Active profile for the
Country Manager to help them
understand their own cultural
profile and make comparisons
with countries such as Germany and the USA.
The Outcomes
Having an Executive Coach, for a set period of time,
paid for by the company was very motivating for
the India Country Manager. Together with the
coach, they were able to work on developing a
range of multicultural skills identified in feedback
from the Executive Board, from other senior man-
agers and from the self-assessment cross cultural
profile. The Executive Board are delighted with the
improved quality of communication through re-
ports and live presentations now given. The use of
language and the style has changed significantly so
that all recipients have a much clearer understand-
ing and awareness of the India business. Relation-
ships are stronger and the trust and rapport be-
tween divisions of the business have improved sig-
Cross Cultural Executive
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