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Issue 31
December 2017
I often talk about the importance of networking as a
crucial part of leadership in our matrixed, 24/7
organisations. If people don’t know who you are and
what you do, why would they communicate with
you? Communication is the important thing here,
especially for developing your influencing skills. In
this article, I want to talk about why it is important to
create and maintain a strong network and how you
would go about it.
The word networking comes from fishermen; the
bigger and stronger they built their nets, the more
fish they caught. The more attention they paid to
their nets, maintaining them, the less likely the fish
were to get away. And indeed, the right sized net
would catch the intended fish. So, the word has been
with us a very long time.
Often what I hear from senior managers is that
developing and then maintaining a network is very
time consuming and could be considered by some as
a bit pushy or not their style. I would counter this
with if you don’t do it, then you are missing out on an
important communication channel, for now and the
future. What you need is a paradigm shift in
thinking, because there are at least 2 generations in
our workforce that grew up with social networking
and who have naturally transferred that behaviour to
the workplace. They, like me, believe that effective
networking, well planned and organised saves you
time and is not regarded as pushy, more that it is
considered a positive leadership skill. My advice is,
change your attitude and have a go; develop a strong
and balanced network that can create benefits for
you now and in the future. In other words, ‘build
your ‘well’ before you are thirsty’.
Build your Well before you are
Karen Frost uses her experience to
explain what effective networking is
and describes some of the benefits
you can gain from having a healthy
Top Tips for LinkedIn
Karen’s best tips and advice on how
to put together a healthy network
using LinkedIn and how to keep it
Millennials and Networking
John Frost reflects on this edition’s
recommended video, Millennials in
the Workplace, and describes how
technology can be holding some
people back in creating beneficial
relationships and the impact this can
have on networking.
Book Reviews
Act like a Leader: Think like a Leader
By Herminia Ibarra
Who is in Your Personal Boardroom?
By Zella King and Amanda Scott.
Developing Inspirational Leaders
Build your Well before you are
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